Nanoform Lets You Preserve Your Most Precious Data Forever

More than once, I felt my heart sink after losing important data due to carelessness and technical problems. The moments after such events are always filled with anxiety, as I desperately try to retrieve any semblance – a page, a paragraph or even a sentence – of the paper I mostly likely spent all week writing. Unfortunately, I can only blame myself when such a thing happens, as I rarely take the proper measures in securing my important personal data. Luckily for me and millions of frustrated individuals, Fahrenheit 2451 is providing a solution to this problem with the Nanoform.


Most computer users have some method of data security and preservation – whether you rely on USBs, CDs or back up hard drives. However, like most technology, these gadgets are prone to physical or internal damage and frequently have a limited lifespan. The Nanoform, on the other hand, is unaffected by any of those external factors. The seemingly inconspicuous disk, which comes in four sizes (one inch, two inches, four inches and eight inches), is actually an entire trove of storage space.

In order to make the Nanoform, a high precision laser is used to engrave text and images onto a thin wafer of synthetic sapphire; this wafer is then fused to another, essentially trapping the information in-between. In order to fit so much data onto such a small space, documents must be shrunk down 30,000 times (over 170 times in each direction). Each character of text, as a result, becomes smaller than the thickness of a strand of human hair, allowing users to transcribe not only photos, but also each page of their favorite novel.

Nanoform Lets You Preserve Your Most Precious Data Forever - ClapwayIt is also very simple to retrieve the information on the disk. Users simply have to use some sort of optical zooming technology, such as a magnifying glass or a digital microscope; you can also view your data via the online viewing platform, which will allow users to share their content with friends or display it on a television screen.

The Nanoform is now on Kickstarter, but the campaign is coming to an end soon. By supporting the project, you can bring the Nanoform to homes everywhere (or get your very own for your living room). By making a small contributon to the campaign, you can also leave a small message on “La Nanoform,” a 8” Nanofrom that will be stored in a museum forever. What would you inscribe?