Xbox One Owners Can Stream Games on Windows 10 Devices

Early Owners of Windows 10 Can Now Stream Their Favorite Xbox Games

Some Microsoft users are currently getting to use an early version of Windows 10. They’re basically guinea pigs, a sample group using the earliest available version of the product so that Microsoft can continue tweaking it for future users. That’s not to say they’re using a broken or substandard product; in fact, if these same Windows 10 users also have an Xbox One, they’re about to get a nice perk! Any Xbox One owners that also have Windows 10 on their computer, tablet, or both can stream their games on those very devices.

Follow These Instructions To Get the Required Updates

Unsurprisingly, there are things you will need to do on your Xbox One and your Windows 10 device in order to successfully stream your games. On your Windows 10 device that you intend to stream games on, you’ll need the latest Xbox app installed on it. On your Xbox One, you’ll need to go to the Settings menu and find Preferences. Enable the option that says “Allow game streaming to other devices.” From there, you’ll need to return to your Windows 10 device, find the connect menu, and click “Add a device.” Connect to your console through there. You will also use this to connect your Xbox One (or Xbox 360) controller to the computer or tablet. It’s now connected!

Now you have two options: play your Xbox One through the console and simply stream it, or control your Xbox One entirely through your Windows 10 device. You can, from the Home menu, click Recently Played and then Play From Console. This would be the standard way to simply stream your game through the device. Those who wish to control everything through the computer or tablet can go to the Home menu and click Game Streaming.

The Xbox App Has Other Updates As Well

Streaming your Xbox One via a Windows 10 device isn’t the only upgrade the latest Xbox app offers. The game streaming can actually go a step further via the app by creating parties, aka streaming and playing with not just Xbox app users, but those who are still playing on just the Xbox One.


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