Yahoo New Video Texting App Livetext Not Yet Available In US

Yahoo has launched its new messaging app Livetext but it is currently available only in Hong Kong. Yahoo wrote that the app represents the most human-friendly way to have real conversations and interactions. “The advent of smartphones led a shift towards convenience and speed. We have gone from communicating primarily with our voices to using our fingers to text on glass,” Yahoo wrote.

Going back to the basics

There is something that differentiates Livetext from its contemporaries. The app is basically “live video texting, without sound”. While it is a bit strange, the idea here is to allow users to see each other in real-time as they text each other. Yahoo reportedly removed audio from the equation, claiming “it’s rarely convenient in today’s fast-paced world”.

“From courier mail, to the telephone, to text messaging — as humans, we have always searched for new, more convenient and more inventive ways to connect with others. These interactions form the foundation of our identity and sense of the world,” Yahoo wrote. Well, this is the company’s innovative and definitely original contribution to the tech world.

Yahoo New Video Texting App Livetext Not Yet Available In US - Clapway

Text and Live Videos can be used simultaneously

According to Yahoo, the text and video combo turns the app into a creative tool transforming simple conversations into fun experiences. For instance you can text a friend no matter where you are and share a face or “a glimpse of the world around you.”

Livetext uses your mobile device’s WiFi or data connection instead, to start exclusive, one-on-one conversations. As it not designed for group messaging, tête-à-têtes will be more ‘intimate’ and possibly straight forward.The LiveText ID, will help users to add contacts and find friends on the address book.

Any thoughts?

The app, which went live on July 11, unlike other software, does not support video calling. Till the time it becomes available on iOS and Android across the globe, share with us your thoughts and where you would most likely use it:

Would you try Livetext instead of more traditional apps to connect with your friends? Write your views in the comments section below.


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