Lose Weight Without Having To Hit The Gym?

There’s a reason so many people fail at dieting. Losing weight generally requires a great deal of determination and dedication. After all, in order to shed a few pounds, an individual needs to change something about his or her lifestyle – whether it’s the amount of food consumed or the amount of exercise he or she engages in on a weekly basis. As a repeat dieter, I’ve have asked myself the same question over and over again: “Why can’t losing weight be easier?” Well…now it can.


Thanks to Adam Paulin, founder of Thin Ice, the first weight-loss clothing line, it is now possible to lose weight without having to drastically change your lifestyle. Now, I know what you’re thinking…it all sounds too good to be true. However, the science behind Thin Ice apparel is founded on decades of “rigorous peer-reviewed scientific study,” as seen in Scientific American and the New England Journal of Medicine.


Thin Ice apparel is fitted with specialized Peltier cooling chips, which stimulate specific regions your body and trick it into thinking that it is in a colder environment. Why is this beneficial for weight loss? This effect essentially creates a “cascade of responses” in your body that kick your metabolism into overdrive as it tries to keep itself at a stable internal temperature. By doing so, the unwanted body fat melts away as your body does the work for you.

Lose Weight Without Having To Hit The Gym? - Clapway

The Thin Ice line features a shoe insole, as well as a vest that can be worn discreetly underneath your clothing or shoes. Both pieces of apparel specifically target regions of your body that contain high levels of thermoreceptors. The cooling experience is also completely customizable with a mobile application that allows you to control the temperature of the clothing, as well as visually see the amount of calories you are burning. This gives the user ultimate control, allowing them to burn fat no matter where they are.

Lose Weight Without Having To Hit The Gym? - Clapway

So if you’re like me and millions of other frustrated dieters around the world, it may be time to change up your routine. Yes, eating right and exercising are two lifestyle changes that are always beneficial, but hacking your metabolism could also be a secret weapon to eventually utilize. To learn more about the project, check out the Thin Ice website, here. The clothing line is also featured on Indiegogo, where it is nearing the end of its campaign.