5 Ways to Freeze to Death

Freezing weather is no joke (though in the heat of the summer, definitely a welcome joke)! More people die from freezing each year than you would think. There are multiple ways that you could freeze to death, but the most common way is sleeping outside over night in freezing temperatures (this usually happens to homeless people.) However, there are other ways this can happen to you if you aren’t careful:


5 Ways to Freeze to Death --

1. Locked in a freezer – people who work in restaurants can sometimes get stuck in them, especially when the door’s latch is broken.

5 Ways to Freeze to Death - Clapway

2. Getting lost in the mountains – if you’re hiking in the fall or winter months, and you end up getting lost, unfortunately you’re probably going to freeze to death. Ever heard of the Donner Party?

5 Ways to Freeze to Death ----

3. Getting stuck in your car in a blizzard – if you’re driving in terrible weather and you happen to take a turn to quickly and wreck, it’s very likely you’ll be stuck there long enough to freeze to death before someone finds you.

5 Ways to Freeze to Death -

4. Falling into a frozen lake – If you’re out fishing on a frozen lake and fall in, without someone around to help you out, you’re probably going to freeze to death.

5 Ways to Freeze to Death

5. Sitting in ice until you freeze to death – If you’re smart enough to accept a challenge like this from your friends, it’s likely that you could get hypothermia and freeze to death (if you sit in the ice long enough.)

Don’t let these things happen to you. Be safe and don’t go hiking in the winter. Be smart and don’t try and drive during a blizzard. Don’t go ice fishing alone, and don’t listen to your drunken friends who think it’d be funny for you to sit in ice until you sober up.

If you’re trying to lose weight with cold temperatures, use this instead of the above methods: