Sony and ZMP Partner to Manufacture Autonomous Drones

Since the falling out after the series of hacks that left them vulnerable, Sony has been slowly trying to edge their way back from the troubled moment in the company’s history. In trying to remove themselves from obscurity, Sony has unveiled their plans to get into the business of flying drones in a new partnership with innovators ZMP in creating a new company which will be called, “Aerosense, Inc.” The idea is to launch autonomous drones for multi-purpose surveillance using the expertise of both companies together in a merger that will be the beginning of a new era of surveillance.
Sony and ZMP Partner to Manufacture Autonomous Drones - Clapway

The technology Sony has in mind for us in the future

Drones have been around for years, there is nothing new about private and commercial drone flights, but Sony and KMP plan to launch autonomous flying drones, meaning they are capable of maintaining a flight pattern with little or no assistance from humans on the ground.


These drones are designed to be multi-purpose tools, ushering in a new era when we use drones more frequently for more difficult tasks. Land surveillance and aerial measurements are some the tasks the drones will be granted according to Sony, “Aerosense Inc. will combine these assets and develop comprehensive solutions that meet needs including measuring, surveying, observing, and inspecting. It will aim to roll out these services for enterprise customers beginning in 2016.” Sony is not the first company to roll out a plan to use drones on a large scale, Amazon the popular online shopping company, has planned for years to ship to homes using drone technology.

Sony and ZMP Partner to Manufacture Drones - Clapway

How far will autonomous drone technology go before it’s no longer welcome?

With a combination of autonomous flight, endless video back up to the cloud, and Sony’s camera technology, the capabilities of these drones to watch over us is unprecedented. If ZMP’s motto, Robot of Everything” is any indicator of the level of involvement these drones could have in our day to day lives, chances are we’ll be seeing a lot of them very soon. Whether they will be welcome guests, or a nuisance will have to be answered when the development phases end, and Aerosense, Inc. rolls the drones out for production.

ZMP’s part in all of this

While Sony’s could and camera systems will be important in this project, perhaps even more important is ZMP’s background in robotics pushing the ideas forward. According to a Sony press release they could hardly do everything, and the help of ZMP will make a huge impact on development, “Sony’s camera, sensing, telecommunications network, and robotics technologies will be leveraged alongside ZMP’s automated driving and robotics technologies together with their business experience in industrial fields.”

Sony and ZMP have combined to form Aerosense, Inc., which will change the frequency that drones are used, and could change the popular opinion about drones creating a whole new conversation about who is watching us from the skies.


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