Huge Apple Promo: Under $1 for 100 Games and Apps

In what is quickly being recognized as the most significant Apple promo to date, an extremely wide ranging smorgasbord of games and apps is being made simultaneously available for $0.99 each. This includes 100 games and app iOS titles available through the app store.

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That means that if you feel you’ve been really thrifty, then now is the time to propitiate the financial deities. By being more thrifty. The best thing is how easy that actually is.

Listen, Apple Insider agrees, see: “While many ‘Amazing Apps & Games’ have been around for some time, the Apple promo is a good opportunity to stock up on quick fix games, popular tools normally priced well above a dollar and franchise pieces missing from your collection.”


If that’s not enough to pique one’s interest, Apple’s also announced the implementation of everyone’s favorite implicit social activity: a “daily game/app roundup” of the highest trending apps of the week, which will study how you use and but and even mention such apps in hopes of pushing sales and accessibility up via Apple’s “New App of the Week” promo, which is guaranteed to be “curated and genre-specific collections, first-party apps and select third-party apps compatible with services like Apple Pay.”

The megalithic sale displays these new essential goodies by customizing its categorization process individually, each user to his or her own preference. Some trending categories include smart tools, photography lovers, Apps for Kids, and Game Hits.

“Sections like ‘Game Hits’ feature more recent additions like Goat Simulator, while lesser known games such as God of Light are surfaced in ‘more Games to Explore.’ Classic including the original Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are highlighted in App Store Veterans,” decrees Apple Insider.


There are of course many other ways to feed your inner gamer’s need to be entertained-in-transit, or fill a lazy afternoon with something more rewarding than reruns of things which may have “moved you.” Why not give Rayman Jungle Run a go, or The Room Two, or burn rubber with Real Racing. Or Deemo. But yes, friends, in addition we also will have full access to Apple’s opulent software apps, like Simple Machine, Pixelmator, Bubl Draw, Facetune and Faded, and all of these are merely a random amalgam from a list I’m staring at right now.


Ex-Apps, Apple’s App store’s also made available Google’s newest and smoothest YouTube update to all whom have interest, still, and this means you can watch your vids vertically displayed in a full screen mode, whether you prefer to produce or ogle others’ work.

“This is the first time they’ve all appeared together in one giant sale. Now is your chance to fill up your app library, as we are seeing all-time lows on games, productivity apps, photography apps and much more,” suggested 9to5Toys.


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