New Rumors of iPad Mini and iPad Air Release Dates

Rumors Build as Possible Release Date Nears

Historically – brief history though it may be – Apple tends to release their new iPad products in the fall, in particular in October and November. There’s yet to be a concrete release date set in stone for anything, but as that time period nears, the rumors grow louder and louder. This is especially true considering the different forms of iPad products that Apple now manufactures. Among these products are the iPad Mini and the iPad Air, both of which had relatively disappointing sales in their last editions. But rumors create buzz, and Apple is certainly looking for good buzz around these new products to translate into good sales. So here are the latest rumors about the iPad Mini and iPad Air, regarding their specs and whether both of them may actually come out in the fall or not.

These are the iPad Mini Rumors

The iPad Mini is, true to its name, the smaller option for those looking to purchase Apple tablets. One of the bigger rumors surrounding the upcoming iPad Mini 4 is that it would, essentially, be a miniature version of the iPad Air 2, considering their similar specifications. Specifically, the rumor says that it would have the same A8 processor, along with the 8 megapixel camera and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It would also come with a nearly 8 inch display, new speaker grill, and the thickness of the iPad would be trimmed from 7.5mm to 6.1mm. That said, other reports state that the iPad Mini 4 would actually have an A9 processor, which is currently used by the iPhone 6. The expectation is that it would also have 2GB of ram and only offer 32GB of storage, as opposed to when there was a 16GB option as well.

These Are the iPad Air Rumors

Despite the assumption of a new iPad Air coming out when iPads usually come out, a report is saying that the iPad Air 3 is being delayed until 2016. That’s because supposedly production on them is being halted to focus not just on the iPad Mini, but an iPad Pro. Supposedly the display of the iPad Air 3 could be anywhere from 7-9.7mm. Not only would the display support 4K viewing, but the iPad Air 3 would come with a USB connector. But in theory these would all have to wait before the iPad Mini and Pro come out. That iPad Pro could also signal the end of the iPad Mini after the release of 4; if the iPad Pro succeeds, the iPad Air would basically become the new Mini.


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