Two Generic Affordable Drugs for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer women suffer from. Every year 458, 500 women are killed by breast cancer, all over the world. This is why there have been many attempts to find an effective treatment.

Things Are About to Change for Breast Cancer Patients

Tamoxifen was considered a miracle since it came out on the market, in 1960. Until this moment, it was the only drug able to prevent or treat cancer. However, it seems that things are about to change.

On Thursday, a new study was published exposing a new discovery that will give more hope to women all over the world. According to the research, a class of inexpensive drugs, called aromatase inhibitors, reduces recurrence rates by 30 percent as compared with Tamoxifen.

Cancer Can Be Prevented from Recurring

A team of researchers from Oxford University carried a study that confirmed the fact that cancer can be prevented from recurring by a combination of two affordable drugs. The investigators took into consideration information about 30,000 post-menopausal women from nine trials. The results showed that endocrine treatments that contained aromatase inhibitors increased the chances of survival after five years.

According to another study, the drugs known as bisphosphonates that are used normally for treating weakening condition of the bone such as in osteoporosis should also be taken into consideration when it comes to breast cancer.

Finally, Affordable Treatment!

It was observed that these drugs helped with increasing the rate of survival of patients after two years. The researchers stated that, considering their side effects these drugs are complimentary. The first one weakens the bones and might be responsible for bone fractures while the second one helps with those problems.

People who have breast cancer struggle with the disease not only because of its severity, but many of them can’t afford treatment, since a breast cancer patient must pay more than 25,000 dollars each year. Fortunately, the results of this study bring some hope to all people who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Besides the fact that these studies bring an incredible discovery, the drugs are far from being expensive. So, the treatment is available for everybody and, the two drugs combined, could increase the survival rate by 40 percent.


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