5 New Trending Apps This Week

It’s probably about that time again to declutter your phone of apps you no longer use. I do it weekly; when you get rid of the old ones, you’ve got extra room for new trending apps out this week! Here are some new trending apps that you can be the first to share with your friends.


1. Jet – This new trending app helps you compare prices and gives you discounts and coupons on products you actually use!


2. Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe – Space buff? This interactive app teaches you various facts about the stars, planets, and other stellar objects.


3. Meetup – New to town? This app comes from a site that isn’t exactly new, but has finally moved to the app market! By using this new trending app, you can make friends in your area who share the same interests as you!


4. Handpick Food – Into food porn? This new trending app is perfect for you. Not only are you able to see images of appetizing treats, you have access to the recipes to create them yourself!


5. Storyline – An app for the avid Twitter user! Seeing link after link, retweet after retweet scrolling across your screen can get overwhelming. Storyline is an amazing new trending app that categorizes the tweets by users, so you’ll never be stuck in the noise of your Twitter feed again!

New trending apps are always as exciting as new phones! It’s so exciting getting to explore your options, figuring out by trial and error how to use each app, because let’s be honest, who reads the instructions? These top 5 this week are my favorite so far! Which ones are you excited about and why?

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