5 Terrifying Prehistoric Creatures

I think it’s safe to say that most prehistoric creatures that lived before humans were pretty scary. Whether it’s the insanely large teeth or even the massive size of most of the creatures, or the fact that we would’ve been dinner to most of them, I personally consider all prehistoric creatures terrifying. At the top of my list are these 5 terrifying prehistoric creatures:


1. Acrophyseter – This 13 foot beast was a carnivore and we would’ve been a part of it’s diet had we been around when it lived.


2. Madtsoia – This giant snake is the stuff nightmares are made of. It could get up to 30 feet long and be as heavy as 50 pounds. This is one terrifying prehistoric creature that I am glad I will never meet.


3. Megalodon – You have probably already heard about this prehistoric shark and the search for evidence of it’s life.


4. Gorgonops – This deadly carnivore could get as large as a rhino and lived about 250 million years ago.


5. Pulmonoscorpius – Imagine the image you see here, but a little over 2 feet in size. No thank you! This carnivorous scorpion lived in the Carboniferous period and was found in the Scotland area. This is definitely another prehistoric creature that I’m glad I missed.

I know the Land Before Time paints all of the carnivorous animals as cute and cuddly, and they easily become your favorite, but let’s not forget how gigantic these animals were, many of them with hostile personalities.

What’s your pick for the most terrifying prehistoric creature?

The prehistoric creatures that you want to experience can be experienced through VR: