Home Monitoring Made Easy With Blink Alarm System

Aside from home maintenance, homeowners generally have quite a few things to be apprehensive about. For starters, if you’re a parent or a pet-owner, questions of safety constantly surface: Are the kids okay alone in the house? How about the dog or the cat? Theft is also one of the biggest reoccurring concerns that is generally addressed with the installation of a home security system. However, these alarms tend to be expensive and are often difficult to install. For these reasons, Immedia, a Boston-based technology startup, has developed Blink: a one of a kind, wire-free HD home monitoring and alert system.

Home Monitoring Made Easy With Blink Alarm System - Clapway


The Blink system is “ultra-affordable, simple to set up” and best of all, wire free. It is powered by batteries, allowing homeowners to place the camera anywhere in the house without having to worry about whether or not an outlet is nearby. The alarm system also features innovative HD video technology, and is fitted with motion and temperature sensors that will trigger the cameras to start recording once movement is detected. A short video recording alert will then be sent straight to your smartphone or tablet via the Blink app, giving users instant visual insight into what exactly is going on in their homes. Alternatively, the Live View mode also lets homeowners quickly check in on the house even when motion is not detected.

Home Monitoring Made Easy With Blink Alarm System - ClapwayThe unique technology behind Blink was designed to give homeowners some peace of mind without having to pay a fortune. In fact, a single camera starts at just $49 (with no monthly fees) and can run for more than a full year on just battery power alone. The temperature sensor (to monitor the temperature of your home) and night vision functionality are just additional perks that set Blink apart from other alarm systems currently available on the market today.

All you need is Wi-Fi to begin using the system, as Blink requires no assembly or configuration. Plus, the wire-free design allows users to freely create and expand their alarm system to perfectly suit the layout of their homes. Safety has never been so easy. To learn more about the Blink wire-free HD home monitoring and alert system, click here.

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