New Brain Imaging Tool Emerges

Fascination with the Brain

For a long time the brain, and the mind in general, has been the focus of scientific research, philosophical debates, and inquiry. As such, it should come as no surprise that new tests are conducted on the brain every year, which often lead to groundbreaking discoveries. In fact, the fascination with the brain has led to the implementation of brain imaging in the medical field in order to allow for a non-invasive diagnostic approach, insuring that no one’s privacy and person is violated.

The Exciting News

The new research regarding brain imaging was published in Cell on July 30. The study presents the introduction of a new imaging tool that can allow users to investigate the brain, down to its nano levels. This exciting innovation brings forth new medical and scientific possibilities and ultimately provides researchers more information to experiment with.

Who is responsible for the new brain imaging method?

The team at Harvard University behind the study is also responsible for building the tool needed for the nano scale imaging. The tool enabled the researchers to examine items at one billionth of a meter. To showcase how the new imaging process works and to highlight some of its possible uses, the team also released a video of a mouse’s brain imaging scan. The response to the data was extraordinary.

In consideration of the brain structure, researchers were unaware of the brain’s patterned complexity. So what’s next for the team? Well, now that the data and research is available to the public, they are partnering with Argonne National Laboratory in order to create a national brain lab neuroscientists can utilize later down the line. After all, such a discovery is beneficial to all and it will also be interesting to see what new research the new brain imaging tool will bring.


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