Is Gut Microbiota influencing your behavior?

The Prognosis

As much as science likes to research the universe to figure out its mysteries, there is an equal fascination with the human body. It seems Studies come out every other day to show the public findings on some new behavior or phenomenon about our own bodies.Which is why on the 28th of July, a new study was released that would go on to explain that our understanding of microbiota as we know it may be lacking.

Unraveling Your Gut Microbiota

Those confused about what microbiota is, it would help to think of it as a group of bacteria in different parts of your body that aid your body is various functions. It used to be called gut flora, but now is simply referred to as gut microbiota. So in general this bacteria in your gut helps you digest your food, aids in some vitamins being made, fights other bacteria, and it’s the first line of defense in the immune system. In other words, the gut microbiota is a necessary and beneficial bacteria your body possesses.

Explaining the Find

It is important to keep what we know about the human body up to date and current. New research demonstrates how the gut microbiota may have a factor in early life stress on a subject, which would make them prone to ailments. Research also shows that the aforementioned bacteria could also induce anxiety and depression. In a press release about the study, the lead author mentioned that this new influence on the behavior of the subject is not left entirely up to the bacteria but is instead more of a two part process. The gut microbiota plays its part and leaves much of the other part in the hands of the communication of the information to the body. The differences in the subjects with early life stress with the gut microbiota, and those without the stress with microbiota were striking. None of the problems presented in the former showed up in the latter’s case. Thus going to show the researcher that the gut microbiota has some influence on behavior. Only more research will tell what else the beneficial bacteria can do.


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