Microsoft Xbox Gamescom 2015 Is Underway

Microsoft Xbox Gamescom is kicking off this week with a press conference focusing on what games the powerhouse is looking to release in the near future. Microsoft Xbox Gamescom is a German videogame trade fair, much like Comic-con, where you will see costumes and characters represented in amazingly unique ways. It is said to be the world’s largest computer and gaming expo. The conference started at 10 AM EST, and many games have already been confirmed as either having sequels or being new to their territory. Here are a few things Microsoft Xbox Gamescom has released so far:

Crackdown 3

This game takes you into a futuristic city where evil is lurking in every shadow, and your goal is to save the city from a dangerous criminal empire. According to IGN, this game will feature transforming vehicles and a very destructible game world, and since it will be running off Microsoft’s cloud, the game is expected to have much more processing power than the Xbox-one console. This exciting new game will be available to play in summer 2016.

Quantum Break

This time-travel game is not lacking excitement or intrigue. The storyline is a fantastic one, and you’ll recognize many faces. Quantum Break is still expected to have an in-game live action show, as previously promised by Remedy Entertainment, and it will have an affect on the outcome of the choices you make with your character in the game.

This game will be released for play in April 2016.


Platinum Games graciously gave those in attendance at Xbox Gamescon conference it’s first look at this new Xbox-one action game. This game takes you to a hostile, new world and has you battling various creatures, with the help of your friend – a massive dragon – but what stands out the most with Scalebound is it’s four-player cooperative mode. Things are sure to get chaotic, which every gamer love, so several in the gaming world are expecting Scalebound to be a big success. However, many are drawing visual comparisons to Devil May Cry, and arguing that the main characters have similar “personality” traits as well.

Microsoft Xbox Gamescom Conference

The Microsoft Xbox Gamescom conference is expected to last around 90 minutes (it’s almost over now), but the trade show is going on the rest of the week. Stay tuned with us for updates on the new game releases!

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