We Put The intelliGLASS™ Smarter Screen Protector To The Test

The title of “smartphone user” comes with certain joys and miseries. Yes, having a hand held computer with you at all times is convenient, but dropping that device is also one of the most tragic events that can happen to the modern day millennial. Nowadays, consumers are spending more and more money on phones cases and protective armor for their devices. However, when it comes to mobile protection, IntelliARMOR™ promises to have “you covered.” With its intelliGLASS™ Smarter Screen Protector, users can save themselves some serious heartbreak later down the line.


intelliGLASS™ is not your ordinary and flimsy screen protector. In fact, it is crafted from tempered glass with a surface hardness of 9H (only diamond is harder). As such, intelliGLASS™ is exceptionally strong, capable of withstanding the aftershock of a drop caused by your clumsy Monday morning motor skills. Its strength, however, does not come at a cost to its performance. The screen protector, though thicker than most products out on the market, still fits slimly onto your phone and is designed for maximum transparency and optimum touch sensitivity (99.99% touchscreen accuracy).

Besides protecting against shocks and scratches, the outer later of the screen protector is also coated with an oil and smudge resistant coating (Oleophobic), which will safeguard your device from oily fingerprints. Furthermore, like other screen protectors, intelliGLASS™ is easy to install. Unlike other products, however, intelliGLASS™ utilizes advanced silicone adhesion to ensure those annoying bubbles are not an issue when you apply the protector on top of your phone screen.

We Put The intelliGLASS™ Smarter Screen Protector To The Test - ClapwayIn fact, the makers of the intelliGLASS™ Smarter Screen Protector are so confident in their product that the team guarantees it will “last the life of your device.” As a skeptic consumer, I originally doubted this claim and decided to put the screen protector to the test. To do so, I gathered two different knives and a set of keys to deliberately try and scratch the surface of my intelliGLASS™.

What were the results of my experiment? Well, the keys left no visible marks and the knives only created small, residual scratches. Personally, I was not too bothered by this fact, mainly because I (and hopefully most people) do not keep my knives in the same pocket as my phone.

In regards to durability, the intelliGLASS™ definitely offers superb protection for your device. The thicker screen protector is bendable, but not malleable and provides an impressive shielding layer between your phone screen and the surrounding environment. Considering all these factors, I would highly recommend the intelliGLASS™ Smarter Screen Protector to anyone using a “smart” device. For $13.00 (prices vary depending on your phone), it’s truly a steal. For more information about intelliGLASS™, click here.

*intelliARMOR provided us with the intelliGLASS™ Smarter Screen Protector in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.