Coca-Cola Want People To Ditch The Diet And Keep Drinking Coke

According to reports recently released by The New York Times, Coca-Cola has been funding a non-profit group to encourage Americans to pay more attention to their exercise regime and less towards their diet.

It is well known that obesity has become an extremely worrying health concern in the United States and many western countries over the past years. This is something that has been discussed numerous times in the media and as a result, consumers have become more health conscious and aware of the dangers of fast food.

However, even though many studies have shown the negative outcomes as a result of consuming fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola, health experts hired by the company have been researching the benefits of the product and have recently released new information promoting the positive aspects of the drink.

Coke Less Dangerous than Believed?

In accordance with The New York Times, Coca-Cola have been spreading the message that the popular fizzy drink is not as dangerous as previously believed. This has been further promoted by scientists hired by the company through social media, at conferences and in medical journals.

Records show that $1.5 million was donated last year by Coca-Cola to begin an organization – the Global Energy Balance Network. However, health experts are skeptical towards the companies motives behind this campaign, especially as soda sales are currently in a decline.

Americans Consume Less Sugary Drinks

It seems that over the last two decades, the average American has reduced his consumption of full-calorie sodas quite considerably, drinking 25 percent less.

Therefore, the fact that Coca-Cola have recently hired a new group of scientists to convince people that exercise can make up for an unhealthy diet has caused a lot of suspicion towards Global Energy Balance Network.

Is the Coca-Cola Company Trying to Manipulate People?

Of course, this is not the first attempt the company has made to try and associate their product with a healthy lifestyle. According to reports, at the beginning of the year, nutrition, as well as fitness experts stated that a mini-can of Coca-Cola was believed to be a ‘healthy treat’.

While a can of Coca-Cola once in a while will do you no harm, it is definitely worth taking into consideration all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and what is right for your body on a daily basis, rather than simply going by reports from international companies.


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