8 Awesome Medieval Weapons

The medieval times were dark. Hundreds of years ago, they may not have had the modern technology we have today, but they sure managed to come up with some pretty insane ways to hurt, threaten and attack one another. Read on to discover the best of the worst weapons of their time.

Triple Dagger

Who could deny that these medieval weapons were both beautiful and terrifying? The deadly design allowed for spring-loaded blades to expand and then attack. Ouch.


This weapon changed the way wars were fought in the Middle Ages. The Trebuchet was much more than a catapult, and could launch heavy boulders over a mile with efficiency and power! You wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.

Dead Bodies and Animals

Castles and barracks often had a protective outer wall surrounding them. During a battle, dead bodies would be thrown over these walls to spread disease, such as the plague. These type of medieval weapons may not be so threatening, but they sure stood out!


Armed with the long, handheld spears, a row of Pikemen acted as a mobile fence that could take down a wall of charging calvary! However, it is both useless and harmless when used in close contact – phew!


This was the equivalent to the Kamikaze Plane in the Medieval Times. These were massive ships packed full of explosives, and sailed at high speeds towards blockades. The contact between the two created devastating explosions. The Hellburner was certainly a weapon of mass destruction.


The name of this weapon pretty much sums it up. The Mancatcher was not designed to act deadly, rather it was an efficient and devious tool used to pull men off of their horses. Another popular use for this weapon was kidnapping noblemen in exchange for a large sum of money!


A thin, pointed hand weapon used for the most brutal of purpose. After a battle, men would use the Stiletto to  finish off any wounded enemies. It’s concentrated point could easily pierce through any plate armour. Stiletto’s are dangerous, just like the shoes!


A short range, early form of a cannon. It was used to break up sieges in close combat, with a short and stout shaft that would fire large explosives. The short range offered intense power and when teamed with the explosive cannonball, you wouldn’t want to be facing a Mortar. It’s thought that the first one ever used dated back to 1453! That’s a seriously awesome medieval weapon.

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