Sesame Enable Touch Free Technology is Here, Somehow

It feels like yesterday flip phones having one camera and your favorite song as a ringtone were the must-have gadgets. But in only 10 years, technology has progressed from manual handheld cellular devices to the world’s very first Touch FREE cellular device.

Who are Sesame Enable?

Sesame Enable was created to assist individuals suffering from illnesses such as ALS, paralysis, MS, and Parkinsons that prevent mobility/operating high-tech devices. The invention came to life after Co-Founder & CEO, Oded Ben Dov was given the idea from his Co-Founder, Giora Livine. Livine has lived quadriplegic for nine years after a spinal cord injury.

A Touch-Free Video Game

After discovering a video game invented by Ben Dov, Livine contacted Ben Dov and asked him to build him a smartphone that possess the same features. The game enabled its players to navigate through the game by simply motioning their head.

According to the Sesame Enable website, “The Sesame phone works by tracking the user’s head movements using the built-in, front-facing camera on the phone. . . The on-screen cursor is controlled by the position and movements of a user’s head, and supports even minimal movements.” Individuals who are physically challenged have the ability to check e-mails, play games and browse the web without lifting a finger.

Ben Dov was Down on his Luck and Indiegogo Answered

The irony of this occurrence is Ben Dov’s difficulty with finances upon the creation of his device. Oded Ben Dov struggled during the early stages of his project trying to fund it. His goal was to raise $30,000 and after coming across crowdfunding, Ben Dov has managed to receive $50,276 to support the cause. is the largest global fundraising site in the world and also the crowdfunding site Ben Dov decided to use. In addition to Ben Dov and his team’s accomplishments on, under the name Sesame Enable, they won first place in Verizon’s powerful answers contest.

Where to find Sesame Enable Touch-FREE Devices?

The device is not yet available in stores for in the U.S. however, it can be ordered through the Sesame Enable website. “About 2 million people in the U.S. could benefit from such a device,” said Ben Dov, “”Smarter devices that can be activated by voice, vision or slight movement have the potential of transforming many lives, increasing independence, access and communication.”


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