Apple Delays Start of Streaming Service

According to recent releases and Apple information, a revamped version of the Apple TV was supposed to make its appearance next month, but now the company’s long time reported streaming service is now on hold.

Apple’s Negotiating With TV Networks Is Progressing Slowly

Apple was supposed to reveal the next version of the Apple TV set-top box at an event that was scheduled for September 9th, which is where they are also supposed to reveal the next installment of the iPhone family. However, Apple has now postponed the announcement of the live TV streaming service due to still negotiating licensing deals with TV networks such as those owned by CBS Corps and 21st Century Fox, Inc. These deals are reportedly “progressing slowly”.

In a report, people familiar with Apple’s plans are cited saying that Apple is continuously trying to secure programming for the service. Apparently the technology giant is lacking the proper computer network capacity that will ensure a good viewing experience for all customers. This new Apple TV apparently won’t be revealed until 2016.

Apple TV Is Supposed To Showcase New Features

Rumors surrounding this new and improved Apple TV have been circulating for months. According to reports from earlier this year, claims of the Apple TV included that it would possess a faster processor, support for digital voice assistant Siri, and an overhauled operating system. This was reportedly supposed to be revealed at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference before it was pushed back to the fall.

This Comes As Other Networks Prepare For Users To Cut Their Packages

The entrance of Apple into the streaming television realm arrives as many network and cable programmers prepare for the rise of users cutting the cords on their services. This new Apple TV has been called Apples chance to disrupt the cable television industry. Companies including Dish TV with Sling and Sony with PlayStation are introducing smaller bundle packages that boast live and local TV channels as well as other popular cable channels for a lower cost. Other networks have also launched their own standalone offers such as Showtime and HBO.


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