You Can Now Get Windows 10 On a Mac

A new version of the Boot Camp software was released by Apple earlier this week. This allows Mac users to install the newest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, on their computers. All Mac models with OX Yosemite installed will now support Windows 10 installation. This new tool from the software is what allows Mac computers to run the iOS software, as well as the Windows software with a few distinct partitions between them. This software gives users the ability to load the operating system of their choice as soon as their computer has started. They also have the ability to share documents between both of the operating systems while using either of them.

Boot Camp 6 Allows Users to Have the Option At Boot Up

The latest version of Boot Camp is called Boot Camp 6. It basically allows Mac users who currently only had the option of running Mac’s OX Yosemite version, to now install the latest Windows 10 operating system on their Mac computers. The Mac computers that are compatible with Boot Camp 6 include all versions released in 2012 and after, including models of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini and iMac.

Boot Camp Is Apple’s Technology That Assists Intel Mac Owners

The support software drivers need to be available, which will automatically be downloaded using Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp is Apple’s tool to allow Intel Mac owners to boot both OS X and Windows. This latest version was revealed on Thursday. Aside from this, the brand new Boot Camp 6 is also compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and also comes with the official Windows 10 support. In addition Boot Camp comes with upgraded drivers for some of the hardware from Apple.

Windows 10 Is Available in Three Forms

As far as the brand new Boot Camp 6 tool that was released by Apple that also supports Windows 10, Apple released a statement saying that Windows 10 is now available in the form of a USB flash drive, an installation DVD and an ISO file, all directly from Microsoft. If your Mac already has Windows 8.0 on it currently, you will have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 first before you can upgrade to Windows 10.


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