Meet Google OnHub, the Smartest Wi-Fi Router Ever

We’ve all had problems with our Wi-Fi networks, from pages taking forever to load, to connections slowing down, to completely dropping out. Soon, those problems will be a thing of the past, as the Google OnHub smart Wi-Fi router is set to be released at the end of this month.

What Does the Google OnHub Do?

Google’s smart Wi-Fi router actively looks for ways to decrease congestion on your Wi-Fi network and allows you to allocate bandwidth to your preferred devices on your network. Gone are the frustrating days of having to buffer while watching TV shows on Netflix through your phone or Apple TV. The Google OnHub smart Wi-Fi router can also identify every device that is connected to your network and can diagnose problems with your connection, letting you know if there is a problem within your home network or with your service provider.

It also uses strong passwords to keep your home network safe, which you can then share with people you trust through the app that controls the router. The app is called Google On and will be available on both iOS and Android when the smart Wi-Fi router is officially released. It allows users to set up the Google OnHub and manage the devices connected to the network, prioritize bandwidth allocations to each device, and allow guest devices to connect to your network. The app is also where you will be able to determine what is slowing down your connection.

The Future of Wi-Fi Routers

The Google OnHub smart Wi-Fi router features a truly innovative design that rivals all other Wi-Fi routers that came before it. It has a sleek, futuristic cylindrical shape that comes in either blue or black and features a glowing light ring on top that changes between four different colors depending on its status. Its design allows it to point the Wi-Fi signal in any direction, wherever you are in your home, due to the thirteen Wi-Fi antennas in a 360º arrangement contained within the cylinder.

It also features two other wireless technologies, Bluetooth and ZigBee, which will allow the Google OnHub to communicate with smart home appliances. Through ZigBee, Google’s premier smart router can use the new Google communication system Weave, designed by the Google-owned smart home products company Nest, to connect to other smart home devices. It also has a speaker built into it, though Google has not released any details on the quality of the speakers or what their real purpose is. The Google OnHub could essentially be an all-inclusive smart home hub in addition to being the Wi-Fi router of the future.

A Gateway to the Future

With a fiber broadband service on its way and a company it owns making smart home products, it only makes sense that Google would unveil this smart Wi-Fi router that could potentially double as a smart home hub, as such products could certainly benefit from a device like this. Not much is known yet about smart home products, but one thing is for certain: Google has its eyes on the future, and it is making that perfectly clear with the line of products and services that it is unleashing. The Google OnHub will be available on August 31st, and can be pre-ordered through retailers such as Amazon and Newegg or directly from Google.

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