You Can Now Star in Your Own Animated Meme, Thanks to the Giphy Cam App

Not a day goes by without ‘liking’ funny memes on Facebook or reading Buzzfeed’s meme-filled articles. Giphy Cam⎯our gateway to everything there is about gifs⎯has dished out a new app that now lets you make your own gifs.

You can make your own gifs with cool effects on Giphy Cam app

These days, memes and gifs have indistinguishably merged to provide funny and up-to-date content on the web. Naturally, there is a need to create such entertaining content yourself, rather than just consuming them. The Giphy Cam app fulfills that very need.

If you have an iPhone and have a hankering to create your own gif, all you need to do is download the free app. Giphy Cam allows users to make short gif movies: tapping once on the camera button takes a series of pictures, which is put together in a stop-motion style, whereas tapping and holding captures a smooth video.

This gif video is then shareable by text, or on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. On platforms that don’t support gifs, like Instagram, these gifs are converted into a looping video, so that sharing is still possible. Users will also be able to save them on their camera roll. The app also lets you dress up your gifs with fancy effects and filters⎯you can add a pixelated image effect or have an overlay where it rains cash.

Giphy Cam is not a social networking app

Unlike other social media platforms that have live feeds and contacts, Giphy Cam relies solely on creating exciting content and sharing it with others. Its creator, Giphy, carved a niche as the first search engine for gifs. It has successfully established gif-sharing platforms with many social networks. Its latest introduction is slated to make gif-communication a lot easier and more fun. The Giphy Cam allows gifs that last no longer than five seconds, which keeps the message short and sweet.

Gifs are a means of expressing yourself

The introduction of this app has made creative expression possible in ways it wasn’t convenient until now. What’s interesting about gifs is that they have a good handle on the cultural pulse of the web. With the Giphy Cam, we can join in on the pop culture party with our own two cents. Giphy Cam elevates gifs from mere funny animations to deeply engaging communication tools.

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