i10 Accessories: The Last iPhone Cable You Will Ever Need

The iPhone has a well-established reputation amongst consumers, thanks to its user-friendly interface and its trademark home button. Yet, for a product that has so many perks and innovative functionalities, the charger that comes along with it seems a little outdated. In fact, if iPhone users ever complain about something, it’s about how short the charging wire is or how easily it breaks. That’s why the team behind i10 has redesigned the standard iPhone cable, ensuring that it is able to keep up with the demands of our daily lives.

i10 Power Series Lightning Cable: How Does It Compare To Other Cables On The Market?

Believe it or not, it is possible to improve on something as simple as a charging cable. I, for one, am not a big fan of frayed ends and have invested a ton of money trying to fix or replace cables. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried holding out for as long as possible – manipulating the cable wire at just the right angle to get the last bit of juice. But let’s face the facts, that technique only delays the inevitable:


Luckily for frustrated iPhone users around the world, there’s the i10 Power Series Lightning Cable: the “strongest iPhone/Android cable.” The 6FT cable is nylon braided and MFI certified with Apple to ensure that it is compatible with any IOS and future IOS updates. Steel encased tips also prevent your cable from damage and fraying caused by everyday use. In fact, the team at i10 is so confident in the cable that it is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Recently, I was able to try out the product myself. The cable, which comes in three different colors (gold, white and black), is designed to match the iPhone. On the visual front, it is definitely aesthetically pleasing, and stylish even (a word one would not generally associate with a phone cable). The 6FT cable is also a very nice feature because it gives you enough extension to do other things around the house while you simultaneously use and charge your device.


But what about performance? As expected, the cable performs superbly, somehow still providing the “optimal amount of power,” despite the long length of wiring between the socket and the phone. Just for the heck of it, I also decided to put it through a strength test. I let two of my friends use the cable to play a haphazard game of tug-of-war and…it passed. It was more than strong enough to withstand the pull from both ends. The ultimate test, however, was to see whether or not the iPhone cable was strong enough to pull a car. The idea for this test was inspired by the i10’s Kickstarter video. Here is a screen shot of the scene I’m referring to:

5I attempted to recreate this test by tying the iPhone cable to a rope, which was then tied to the car. Using this method, we were able to pull the car a couple of inches, but ultimately, it did snap. However, this was after we had already used it for tug-of-war and a variety of other non-phone-charging related purposes, which may or may not have weakened the cable prior to the car test. We also tied it to the underside of the car, which may have factored into the overall results of the test as the weight was not distributed evenly.


Regardless of this test, I was highly impressed at the overall durability of the iPhone cable. Plus, I doubt any typical smartphone user would  their i10 cable to pull a car. For daily use, it is more than strong enough to last through the trials of every life. In any case, even if it does break, you always have that Lifetime Warranty. For more information about i10 accessories, click here.