Nintendo New 3DS Won’t Have a Standalone Release

When Nintendo first announced the New 3DS, the company said the US would only be receiving the XL variant since the original 3DS XL sold so well. Meanwhile, in Japan, users were able to pick up a smaller variant with a really awesome color scheme that mirrored an old-school Nintendo design. Needless to say, US fans were jealous. Now the company is backtracking a bit and has decided to release the smaller Nintendo New 3DS here in the US on Sept. 25.


So, here is the letdown. Yes, fans can get their hands on the Nintendo New 3DS XL’s smaller sibling, but for $220, which is $20 more than the XL. Why? Because Nintendo is only going to be selling the regular New 3DS in a bundle pack with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. As you might have already guessed, this also means that this 3DS will be coming with not just one, but two Animal Crossing cover plates. So you’ll have to be fine with sporting some Animal Crossing swag if you wanna carry one of these bad boys around.


Following the news of the Nintendo New 3DS, Venture Beat reached out to the company in regards to whether or not a standalone unit would be sold.

Nintendo’s response: “We have nothing to announce on this topic.”


So, it looks like fans still don’t have a completely viable way to get pick up a smaller 3DS, but a $20 premium isn’t that much when you consider that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will be priced around the standard $40, and it also looks like a pretty cool game to boot.


Nintendo hasn’t put out official numbers on how many New 3DS XL units the company has sold since it launched in February, but Nintendo has announced that total sales for all 3DS systems has increased by 50% since the company’s newest handheld platform launched. That puts total 3DS sales above 15 million.

Coupling this new-to-us edition of the 3DS with an Animal Crossing game isn’t exactly a bad idea either. Animal Crossing fans have been clamoring for something new to play, and Happy Home Designer offers players a new perspective on the game’s universe. Rather than building up an expanding city, players will become a home designer. Fans will be designing both the interior and exterior of homes, schools, hospitals, and tons of other public facilities.

The Nintendo New 3DS and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer are expected to launch Sept. 25.

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