How to Avoid Becoming Lazy and Disgusting

This is why you’re lazy; you lack the motivation to experience adventure, and I don’t blame you one bit. The entire world is working against you, trying to keep you from experiencing prime adventure. Couches have become more comfortable, the amount of TV channels are now limitless, 6 pound lunch burritos that put you out of commission for the rest of the day have become the norm. There are millions of factors everywhere you go that try to cement you into the ground. Adventure isn’t easy, it can be painful, tiring and confusing. I understand why some choose the couch over an amazing mountaintop view, however, lets be real, that’s no way to live your life. Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming lazy and disgusting and experience the adventure that is life:

1. Eat clean
You want that burrito, its fresh, its cheesy and it’s calling your name. The origin of the burrito is interesting; it was created an insomniac in Central America. He went months without sleep, that is, until he found a solution. He knew that if he could combine three days worth of food into one tortilla, he would be unable to ward off drowsiness. He died.

So you see, it isn’t normal to consume these burritos on a daily basis. If you eat lighter, perhaps a salad or a turkey sandwich, you will increase your energy level. That increase of energy will then lead you out of the front door and into the open world.

Fruit - Clapway

2. Less screens
It’s insane how much time we spend looking at screens each day. Smartphones, TV, computer, we even read books on screens, BOOKS! When you’re looking down at your technology we fail to realize our surroundings. You begin to miss out on the adventure that is life. I’m guilty of it, I’m looking at a screen right now, however, I’m aware. When I’m 80 and unable to travel around the world, I know I will look back feeling content. I refuse to become a mindless screen looking robot that travels from wifi connection to wifi connection.

Note: Texting while walking is going to be the next string of Public Service Announcements you see, you heard it from me first.

3. Will power
It’s so easy to give in to the temptations. The true warriors are those who have the ability to say no. Say no to the McDonalds dollar menu, no to watching a full season of House of Cards in three days, no to burritos. Even if you don’t have a stellar adventure planned, take a seat on a bench in the park and read a book, a real book. Get outside, be strong, and live a little, your brain will thank you.

Will Power - Clapway

Some aspects of this world act as quicksand, they try to pull you down and hold you under, suffocating you. It’s not easy to stay on top, but it’s not impossible either. The world is beautiful; take advantage of the magnificence it has to offer you while you still can, you can rest when you’re dead.


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