Why You Should Never Settle Into A Daily Routine

We all have one. Every morning is the same: you wake up, brush your teeth and get dressed. Suddenly, your life has become a little too formulaic, a little too predictable – similar to the ending of a really bad romantic comedy. Before you know it, you begin to run on autopilot and coffee is your main fuel source. Without it, you’re nearly dysfunctional.

These are the side effects of settling into a daily routine. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. You stop looking around

Part of the reason travel is so exciting is because it’s unfamiliar. For the fear of missing a sight or smell, you are constantly looking around, like a curious young child. In a daily routine, however, everything is already familiar. Thus, you keep your head down when walking or stare into your phone for extended periods of time. When you’re not doing that, you are rushing: you hurry to get to work on time; you hurry to catch the train and hurry to get home – never bothering to stop to take in your surrounding environment.

Daily - Clapway

2. You stick to the old, resent the new

Maybe you walk down the same path to work every day or order the same grilled cheese for every lunch. By doing so, you grow comfortable. It has never crossed your mind to try a new food or walk down a different road. This makes life incredibly monotone and you grow aggravated when something throws off your daily routine – like traffic. You also lose out on the potential of new discoveries.

Urgency - Clapway

3. You lose the sense of urgency

Growing comfortable can also be a very negative thing for the long run. By settling into a routine, you forget about the things you really want to accomplish. All your dreams and passions of becoming a singer, an artist, or a world traveller, are pushed to the side. You accept a 9-5 job, convincing yourself it will only be temporary, but then you get used to it and before you know it, a year will fly by where all you’ve done is eat 365 grilled kinds of cheese – one for every day of the year.