Ultra’s Violet Will Save You From A Miserable Sunburn

We hate the rain, but the sun is often the bigger enemy. We’ve all experienced the aftermath of a difficult sunburn. Suddenly, your pleasant daytime hiking adventure turns into a painful excursion, full of unwelcomed chafing, peeling skin and lots of poking from friends who like to laugh at your misery.

UV - Clapway

Now you can avoid this unfortunate situation by investing in Violet, the first-ever wearable device that helps track your UV exposure and measure levels of sun-generated vitamin D. With this neat gadget, adventure after adventure is possible and it’s all thanks to Ultra, Inc., a company founded by CEO Nattapon Chaimanonart and engineer Nabyl Bennouri.

The idea for the product came when Nabyl, who is normally an active and healthy person, mysteriously fainted one day. After several tests and numerous visits to the doctor, the verdict was in: he suffered from a vitamin D deficiency – a condition that results from the inadequate nutritional intake of vitamin D (needed for strong bones), coupled with inadequate sunlight exposure.

Since that fateful day, the duo, along with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, engineers, and biomedical doctors/researchers, began working on Violet, a tool that they hope will provide an innovative health solution to empower people to “live ultra healthy.” It works by monitoring your real-time UV exposure, alerting you before the measured UV dosage approaches a limit and calculating your daily natural vitamin D production.

UV - Clapway

The Violet also conveniently syncs to your smartphone via a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app wirelessly receives data from your device in order to generate personalized advice that will help you to optimize and achieve a balanced level of sun exposure. By doing so, the Violet serves both the “travel around the world adventure lover” who is concerned about over-exposure to the sun, as well as the “stay-in all day couch potato” who hisses at the very thought of light.

Currently, there is no similar product on the market, so keep an eye out for this trend and place a pre-order to snag yours while you can.