This Invention will Finally bring Accurate Weather

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Weather has been a trend since the dawn of man. We have always needed to know when it will rain or storm or drought, and what temperature to set the thermostat in our caves at. Weather decides if you’ll go an adventure or sit in and watch dog put on a marionette theater performance of Othello (if only). My point is, weather is important.

Remember when weathermen were fed up with being called weathermen and wanted to be called meteorologists. When we heard this, we responded that if they want to be considered scientists and not just another face on the news, than they have to be right just a little bit of the time.

Well now we don’t need them to be. They can keep on lying about beach days and storm warnings, I won’t be giving them any more undeserved ratings because I have BloomSky.

Weather featured - Clapway
With BloomSky, I get my local news based on where I live, my actual local area. If you’re using a weather app on your phone, you may have noticed that it is often lying to you too. You probably thought that you were too hard on your local meteorologist, that weather is obviously impossible to guess and that they’re doing their best. Well, they may be doing their best but that’s because they’re just not very talented, weather is easy. A man with a bad knee can predict an oncoming storm (it has been documented that bad knees will flare up at the onset of rain). If you don’t have a bad knee, than you need Bloomsky.

BloomSky is a device you place in your yard. It connects to your house’s wifi connection (if you don’t have wifi yet, than get your neighbor drunk and torture/seduce/ask them to get their password) and uploads information to your phone via the cloud. It uses sensors to know the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV sun exposure, and rain detection. It is entirely weather proof and can operate in temperatures ranging from -14°F to 150°F. It also has a camera on the top that takes pictures so that there is an image of the sky that appropriately matches the weather information. One device, it’s that easy, that easy to finally have accurate weather.

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