Sony Releases PS4 Remote

Sony keeps on making the headlines as they have now released a new Bluetooth universal remote for their PS4.

This will no doubt make it easier for users to navigate through the PS4 when they are not playing video games on the system.

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Why did they make a remote? What’s its purpose?

Video gaming has adapted a long way since the 90’s and 2000’s. In those eras, video game consoles were simply made to play video games and video games only. There was no need for any extra features on video game consoles because the main concept was playing video games. In the 2010’s, things have certainly changed. Now are the days where video game consoles can hold various types of media, can stream Netflix, can browse the Internet, and have as much hard drive space as most home PC’s. With all of these new features to do on these systems, including the PS4, the need for a physical remote is necessary. Navigating the web and watching videos from Netflix or YouTube will become much easier with these remote. Add on to that the fact that this remote can be set up to work on your T.V.’s and cable boxes and it becomes clear that this remote should be a welcome site for avid Sony users. Also, considering that navigating all of these features with the default PS4 controller could be frustrating it becomes even more clear how useful this remote should be.

Will this generate even more PS4 sales?

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It will be mighty interesting to see if this new remote will boost Sony’s PS4 sales. It is fair to say that many people will purchase PS4’s simply for storage, web navigation, and video streaming such as Netflix. PS4’s are now only $350 and that is cheaper than most laptops and home PC’s. Considering PS4’s have as much hard drive space and RAM as most PC’s, some people probably will just switch to a PS4. One of the biggest drawbacks to all of these features on the PS4 was indeed navigating them all with a default Dualshock 4 PS4 controller which could be very difficult. Now that Sony has released this more traditional remote for navigation on their system, their sales might even continue to go up on their PS4. The world has certainly changed, gone are the days where video game consoles were for gaming only and in are the days where video game consoles now have their own T.V. type remote to navigate all of their extra features.

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