Solar Cars Are Upon Us!

Courtesy of Futuro Solare

Ideas are great. 50 years ago, people thought we’d have flying cars and a perfect environment. And we’re far from perfect, but we’re getting there.

It’s just┬átaking a while, and circumstances are significantly different.

Solar panels have become building blocks of many aspects of our lives, given the urgency for alternative energy systems. There are entire houses powered by solar panels, lights on roads, speedometers…

And cars.

Courtesy of Futuro Solare
Courtesy of Futuro Solare

Solar cars in concept are already incredibly expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be.

Futuro Solare introduces the Archimede Solar Car, the future of all solar energy automobiles.

The Archmede Solar Car is destined for greatness. It’s made of cheap materials: carbon, aluminium, fiberglass and kevlar. It can run up to 62MPH, and it transforms solar energy to electric energy by photovoltaic panels, thus charging the batteries and bringing the engine to life.

The project is filled with promise, and passion as well. The team is dedicated to bringing education on automobile technology as well as solar energy, and giving university students the opportunity to work and research these new technologies.

The car looks cool as heck, though there’s no prototype just yet, but it’s made with the highest functionality rate and the cheapest materials to bring an accessible project to a very accessible future.

Courtesy of Futuro Solare
Courtesy of Futuro Solare

So car enthusiasts, speed enthusiasts and everyone i between, we may after all see a fuel-less car that doesn’t cost us our life insurance.

This is an ambitious project but an attainable one, and it will inspire many to follow suit. Their goal is to advance technology in Sicily and eventually, the world, kickstarting it all with the Archimede Solar Car, and Futuro Solare is sure to see its dream moving in real time (hopefully) quite soon.

You can support their efforts by visiting their website here.