5 Apps That Will Change the Way You Order In

By now there are too many delivery apps saturating the market. We all love food, and we love not cooking sometimes, too, but some of us aren’t always satisfied with the likes of GrubHub or Eat24.

Below are great apps to keep on your radar and to consider trying out, even if you love Seamless or Postmates.

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Chef Nightly

Are you sick of ordering from the same places every time you’re ready to splurge on delivery? Or does the decision making process take far too long? Chef Nightly makes order recommendations based on what you’ve ordered in the past and on flavor palette, nutrition, and cuisine. Once you decide, delivery straight to your door will cost you just $12 dollars including tip. Bonus: If you enjoy your meal, you can share it with a friend for a buy one get one promotion.


Takeout can be a little gross at times. Greasy food, sloppy packaging, and sometimes not what you expected in terms of quality. Caviar is a fancier version of Seamless or Grubhub, delivering from higher quality restaurants that aren’t available on other apps. Caviar also has their own team of delivery people, instead of relying on employees at the restaurants.

A new feature is their ‘Fastbite’ menu which lets you order lunch meals under 15 dollars delivered in under 15 minutes,  such as the California famous “sushi burrito” or a “tiki masala roll”. This makes the app more accessible to those of us who can’t afford artisan ice cream or handmade gnocchi delivered directly to our door, and will always make for some good lunchtime co-worker envy.


Many of us have heard about alcohol delivery apps by now. What’s different about this one? Besides being able to order spirits, wine, and beer in under an hour, you can also order ingredients and mixers for cocktails with recipes (which I personally love).

Their newest update? They have partnered with Bud Light’s new “Bud-E-Fridge” which gives customers real time updates on their fridge, including when the beer needs to be restocked. When it does, customers can order restocks directly to their home through the Saucey app if they’re in Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego.


Sprig is awesome because it guarantees “healthy and organic” meals delivered in 15 minutes. It only gives you five suggestions, which takes the pain out of the decision making process, and at least one vegan or vegetarian option.

Their app also comes with gorgeous photos of the meals and lists every single ingredient, with detailed nutrition info. This is especially helpful if you’re dieting and don’t have time to pack lunch in the morning but want a fresh,wholesome, and interesting meal.

Fresh Nation

I love shopping at farmer’s markets but will lose hours browsing at them, buying things I don’t need,  and many times the weekly ones aren’t anywhere near my apartment. With Fresh Nation you can order your farmer’s market products online and get them delivered directly to your door. Plus their website advertises that their shoppers are “pickier than you are.” It seems like there’s scary recalls on grocery store buys every other week. Farmer’s market veggies and fruit always taste better than grocery store buys and typically cost less, plus who doesn’t want to support local farms?

Starting out in Westport, Connecticut, their newest venture is delivering through Amazon Fresh in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. They have recently expanded to New York City and if all goes will be expanding to other cities soon.

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And if You Want to Make Healthy Smoothies to Go with Your Order, Check out the Nutribullet!

Haley Paskalides is a writer and editor navigating her twenty-somethings in Brooklyn, NY. She currently works as an editor at a medical publisher in Manhattan. In her spare time, she enjoys running, exploring the city, and reading everything.