How To Take A Selfie During A Volcanic Eruption

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Ah, the selfie – the most narcissistic form of self-portaitry we all guiltily engage in at some point or another. The “selfie” revolution has take the world by storm, so much so that our mobile devices now come equipped with a functionality entirely dedicated to the practice. The perfect selfie, for those of you who live under a rock, is comprised of two very important factors: the subject and the backdrop. Nailing the subject portion of the picture is easy, but selecting the perfect backdrop to highlight and compliment the subject is truly an art form. Just ask Canadian adventurer, George Kourounis, who snapped a picture of himself as he descended into a boiling lava lake within the Ambrym volcano in Vanuatu. Selecting a kick-ass backdrop is important because it will ensure your photo fares well on Instagram. Plus, it’ll also make you look kick-ass. For those in need of a little adventure, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take a selfie during a volcanic eruption.

volcano - clapway

Your Volcanic Selfie Guide:

1. Locate an active volcano. If you want your photo to really gain some traction, make sure you find an active volcano – preferably one with actual lava. The ideal location should be hot enough to melt your eyebrows off. Avoid inactive volcanoes for the fear of appearing like you’re just posing next to a mountain.

2. Come equipped. This is probably a no-brainer, but do not enter an active volcanic zone wearing shorts and a white-tee. Yes, it’s hot, but a hazmat suit is probably the outfit of choice in this instance. I promise, it won’t take away from the aesthetics of the self-portrait.

3. Perfect the pose. Capturing the perfect selfie takes time and a little bit forethought with regards to composition. Take a panoramic shot from the top of the volcano, so that the camera looks down into the lava lake. This angle highlights the molten-ness of the lava lake, and is also slimming for the subject.

4. Master you timing. Once you’ve nailed the pose, be quick! You’ve got about 5 seconds before your camera turns into a molten plump of plastic. Snap away, and don’t forget to smile!

volcano - clapway

5. Subtly brag on social media. Make others jealous with your incredibly cool selfie. Caption it with something that lets your followers know that you lead a life of adventure on a daily basis. We recommend the following: “I usually don’t take selfies, but the lava is especially beautiful today #volcanoes.”

There you have it: your step-by-step guide for taking the perfect selfie. Now go give George Kourounis a run for his money.