SesameTouch Keeps Your Passwords For You

Courtesy of Sesame Touch

Technology has brought us SesameTouch.

A password keeper that keeps everything secure and at the mercy of your fingertip.

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Courtesy of SesameTouch

Like the iPhone has recently given us the chance to lock up all of our secrets, open only at the mercy of your fingertips, technology is slowly catching up and implementing Assistive Touch into all sorts of gadgets.

SesameTouch is developed in France, and it is designed to make life a lot easier and a lot more connected to your very own hands. It can connect to anything with WiFi connectivity, and it can unlock any apps, any websites, any files with your digits.

So you’ll never have to write down a password or put it on your notepad, and you’ll never have to put yourself through the anxiety that comes with using the same password for everything you’re registered for.

You think you’re making it easier for yourself, but accessing your bank account and your Tumblr with the same six characters is horrifying when you really think about it.

SesameTouch has only been in the works for a year, but it’s simple and efficient structure makes both a trendy and useful device.

Password keeping has always been annoying, and we all have the dreadful memory lapse when those six to twelve characters just don’t come to mind.

It also happens when you have more than one debit card and you start mixing up pin numbers.

Which SesameTouch will also cure!

Courtesy of Sesame Touch
Courtesy of Sesame Touch

And you can use the little guy to touch and pay, in case you forget your wallet and have no cash.

You’ll never lose it, for those of us with butter fingers, because you can track its location with your phone, so you’ll always have the ultimate security at reach.

It’s versatile, able to work with anything that handles biometrics, so physical access control is possible; you can even pay for your train ride with it!

In short, SesameTouch is a password fault that features proximity payment, online payment, it’s a key finder, it’s secure storage and it can pay for your transport.

Now you’ll only have to worry about carrying one thing when you’re running out with half-made coffee and a mouthful of a breakfast sandwich.

Isn’t technology awesome? Check out more information on their website!

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