Top 5 Social Media Sites That can Earn you Money

Social Media can really make a difference for your business. It is very important to increase you brand presence and be active on all forms of social media. Every marketer has various kinds of Social Media platforms, which should be used to market their business. Each social networking site has to be customized and tailor content to persona and the network.

The top 5 social media platforms that should be used by most marketers are as follows:

1. Twitter: Conversations.
It has more than 200 million users. It is a micro blogging site. Follow people from same industry to see what they trends they are tweeting about. Need to make it a routine to tweet and check all interactions and reply to every tweet related to the business. Retweet interesting and useful tweets. Use of hash tags is the most important element as it helps people to search and makes it easier for the people.

Hashtag - clapway

2. Facebook: Personalities.
The marketer needs to be active on Facebook on daily basis; use of pictures is an important element on this media. Creating a page and making it attractive is not charged on Facebook so marketer should make full use of it. Encourage fans to like or share the page. It is very important to reply to comments as that creates a brand image.

3. LinkedIn: Professional
This is a site mostly used by all professional so the marketer has to make sure that it is maintained well and a little formal. Connection with people is required and making connections with people related to the business is very important. Joining groups and participating in discussions help in creating contacts and marketing.

4. Instagram: Behind the Scenes.
It is one of the media sites, which is used to show everything in a visual way. The advantage of posting on Instagram is it gives you an option to share it with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr etc. It is used to promote contests, free distributions of products etc. It works wonders, as people really like to get freebies.

Googlized - clapway

5. Google+: The Search Engine Drivers.
Marketers who are already on other social media websites should use it. The posts made have to be more formal compared to Facebook. It is mainly used as an alternative to Facebook.
Keywords play an important element as Google+ acts as a search engine driver.

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