Top 5 Trending Apps for Mac

There are nearly 3 million apps currently available on App store, Searching the best apps for your laptop is an intimidating task I have simplified your efforts by listing down the top 5 applications that have to be there on everyone’s Mac.

  1. JITSI: Free Download

One of the best-inbuilt software that every apple product has is face time but the issue is not everyone has face time access with them there is a new app similar to Skype
called Jitsi, which allows you to have video chats as well as sharing desktops. It helps you to record calls and it is supported busing various applications such as Google talk Facebook a MSN Yahoo Messenger. This app is available on for Windows, Mac, and Android etc. This app is a combination of both Skype and team viewer making things easier for the users.

  1. Sound Cloud: Free Download

Sound Cloud is distinctive from the rest of the music streaming applications on the app store. Sound cloud gives an opportunity to listen to songs from the producer or the musicians directly instead of being able to listen to songs you hear on the radio. It gives a chance to new artists to create a song and upload on the app for free of cost.

Soundcloud - Clapway

  1. NOTABILITY: $9:99

This app was considered as one of the best apps used by people to capture thoughts. This app can be used to annotate pdf or any other documents and can be backed up with Drop Box and Google Drive. This back up has Icloud integration so can be used in Ipad and iPhone as well.

  1. FANTASTICAL: $19.99

Fantastical is a great calendar app. It can be opened simply from your menu bar and you can create new events or reminders by inputting in things like “Meeting with Rose for dinner at 8pm”. The good thing is that Fantastical supports the same reminders as your mac, which means that you don’t have to deal with two separate to-do lists.

  1. AFFINITY PHOTO: $49.99

Affinity Photo redefines the limitations for specialized photo editing software for Mac with a accurate focus on flow, it offers stylish and complex tools for enriching editing and improving your images in an extremely instinctive interface.

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