Kiwana Saffron Tea is Exotic and Expensive

As autumn sets in, coffee drinkers swap their usual to pumpkin or apple spice, and tea drinkers swap their fresh, citrusy or minty teas for something a little warmer in taste and a little stronger in flavor.

The recent trend is drinking saffron tea, and two blends by Kiwana Tea just may tickle your curiosity into giving it a try if you haven’t yet.

Saffron is a common ingredient in cooking, especially in Mediterranean and Central European food. Dishes like the French bouillabaisse or the Spanish paella, as well as the Italian Risotto carry a single pinch of the spice, which is the most expensive in the world, in a serving for 4-6 people. Swedish pastries also carry the spice, as well as Iranian Kebabs and Indian stews, bringing a subtle luxury and richness to a meal. More likely than not, famous dishes that include saffron are commonly eaten for warmth after a cold day, and these teas are no different.

Kiwana Tea’s Original Spice Tea and their Cinammon Delight come as two of the most notable saffron teas in the market for their richness and uniqueness in flavor.

Curious and New

The Original Spice blend is unique from the first sip. Like all Kiwana Teas, it has a careful mixture of saffron, green tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger, which makes for a very luxurious set of ingredients and compose a very special taste. The highlight is of course saffron, with cinnamon coming second. The look of the tea is strong, heavy as the spices dissolve, and the taste does not disappoint, though it is not overbearing.

Its exoticness is strongest when the tea is unsweetened. Tea drinkers that are bigger fans of lighter, sweeter teas will not really enjoy this one. The Original Spice is bold, very rich in color and in texture and truly does bring a taste that’s hard to compare to anything else, even for avid tea drinkers.

tea 3 - clapway

Sweetened, the Original Spice is more accessible for less seasoned tea drinkers, and its taste is even more subtle. The body of the tea remains whole and undiminished and highlights the clove and ginger.

All in all, this tea is unlike any other, and will be enjoyed best by seasoned tea drinkers who have a preference for the uniqueness of saffron. The Original Spice is best when drunk from a tea cup as opposed to a mug, and will do wonders for a bad cough and the discomfort that comes with a seasonal cold.

Truly A Delight

The Cinnamon Delight is a strong looking tea that settles quite softly on the tongue. It’s light despite is deep color, and it doesn’t have a particular overarching note when it comes to taste. Ginger is the softest of all the flavors, almost like it’s not there. Surprisingly enough, the same can be said for the cinnamon. It’s very present in the bouquet, but it’s much more soft in the actual tea.

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The look of the tea is deep in color but it looks to be on the lighter side in terms of strength. There’s no denying that the taste is beyond what regular tea can offer, though not extraordinary if you prefer stronger tea. You can smell more than you can taste, and every sip is surprisingly delicate.

The Price is Right, But Only For Some

The saffron tea itself blended together with the other spices brings great health benefits like a boosted immune system, antioxidants and improved blood insulin levels. Since Kiwana does use the most expensive spices in the world having come straight form the fields of Kashmir, India, the price is a little steep, between $30-$60 per 15g package. There’s also an option to subscribe and receive tea every month for $40, and a gift set of their three blends for $115.

So while it might be unique, it’s best saved for special treats, as saffron tea is used in certain regions of India, or when you’re very sick. It’d also be a great buy for when it’s especially cold and you’re in need of good warmth or looking to impress your tea drinking friends and discuss the uniqueness of the look and the taste.

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