TransitX Brings Commuting to a Greener Level

Courtesy of TransitX

A startup project in Boston is bringing commuting as we know it to a new level, hoping to make all transportation safer, cleaner, more efficient and cheaper.

Introducing TransitX

The project is called TransitX, and it is designed by a homonymous company out of Boston, MA. Their current mission is to design a more efficient way to commute without having to compromise safety, money or a greener planet by implementing a pod travel system over American cities.

Although ambitious, TransitX is a promising idea that is already in development in a few places. Heathrow Airport has its own mode of pod transportation which uses clean energy, but it’s not compact, it is slow, and doesn’t travel very far. TransitX’s idea is to slowly but surely build a fast, light and safe way for people to travel on car — making cars, train traffic and delays obsolete at the cost of a bus fare.

A Pod Transit System that is Low-Cost, Efficient and Carbon-Free

Their pitch reveals that they intend to make private automated pods that would speed faster than emergency ambulances, taking passengers through a sleek highway above ground at 45mph. Stations will be offline, making for 24/7 transport possible without delay and through rain or shine.

Courtesy of TransitX
Courtesy of TransitX

A project like this is possible because of the State of Massachusetts Senate Bill PRT 1837, which, on the account that the proposed new mode of transport meets all federal and constitutional law standards and is proven to be an ideal alternative to the existing modes of transport, allows a project like this to go into development. All that the TransitX project is missing is the tuning with the right of way specifications, which they are currently developing.

The Story Behind the Project

The idea to start this project came from 2014’s brutal winter, which cost Bostonians much suffering and endless delays or days of being snowed in. At that point, Mike Stanley, CEO and Team and Project Manager, began designing a way of mass transit that would be high volume, on-demand and nonstop, inexpensive and carbon free. Their team of ten is comprised of people who have knowledge about clean energy and transport, one even with 38 years of experience in engineering automated transit systems and helped engineer the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) that runs through the San Francisco Bay Area.

Though it is still in early stages, the project’s mission and promise are very solid, and it has great potential to be viable to all American cities and even around the world.

To support their cause or get more information, visit their website.

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