Smart Watches Are Coming For Your Nails

Courtesy of Smart Nail Watch

Technological gadgets are coming in all shapes and forms these days: drones, robots, speakers, glasses, headsets, you name it.

Smart Watches Are the Top of the Pile

Recently, the smart watch has been defined as the future of technology, making it accessible and even smaller than our phones, tablets and computers. One day, smart watches may even be too small for our wrists, and could fit our nails instead.

A new project hopes to accomplish just that. A team out of New York hopes to devise a clear laminate to attach to our thumb nails, which will be able to display time and day. The project, still in its initial stages, hopes to become the future of smart watches.

As it Always is with Technology, Anything Could Happen

The real question this invention poses is: what’s next? A laminate that you can paste on your forehead that displays date and time?

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Or perhaps a contact lens could be developed, as can derive from the hilariously advanced technology in superhero movies of all sorts, one that perhaps shows you the time just by thinking about it or by looking up at the sky?

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Hologram watches are surely not too far behind, as 3D hologram technology grows every day, so we may one day be presented with campaigns that sell disc shaped platforms that will display date, time, weather and go with you through your morning routine as you get up in the morning. We may one day see them float around behind us, reading emails and text messages and even brew us our morning cup of coffee.

Big Things Come from Small Ideas

The Smart Nail Watch only promises to announce the very basic, what any analog watch made of a solid metal can do, so what is the novelty here?

The novelty is in the idea. The execution depends on a lot of factors, but the idea begets more ideas that will bring more ambitious and bigger projects to play. With crowd-funding websites becoming so popular, it’s obvious that people are invested in ideas, that they’re willing to throw down real, physical money to support these ideas from all around the world.

The real future of smart watches is not known, and wether or not we see one that’s fitted to our thumbs can’t be assured, but this we know: technology is an unstoppable machine of ideas, and anyone in the world can now present it on a platform that is popular and trending now. Big corporations are bringing out products that may sell well and take over the stock market, but it’s smaller ideas that inspire a big difference.

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