Pikachu Comes to Build-A-Bear

It’s Official: We Can Build Our Own Pikachu

Pokemon lovers rejoice, the Pokemon Company International has partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop to bring beloved Pokemon character Pikachu to their stores in 2016. This is a major breakthrough for both companies. Pokemon gets to have one of their most prestigious characters of all-time give them more popularity and sales. While Build-A-Bear gets to have one of the most already popular animated characters of all-time in their workshop. This is truly a win-win for both of these already prominent companies.

Pokemon Fans and Plush Toy Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Not only will fans of Pokemon and Build-A-Bear get to make their own stuffed Pikachu plush toy, but they will also get some very cool extra features when they make him. IGN reported that customers will receive an exclusive limited-edition Pokemon trading card. They also reported that customers can choose to dress their Pikachu with a Pokeball hoodie. Customers will also receive an alternate Charizard costume who is another very beloved character in the Pokemon franchise. Also, for people who do not have access to a Build-A-Bear workshop near them, customers can order a pre-made Pikachu online. If customers choose this option, Pikachu will come with a sound chip and say either “Pika” or “Pikachu”.

There has been no official word yet on what specific date this will happen, but it is known that Pikachu will arrive sometime in 2016. It is also can be assumed that when the day gets closer, Pokemon International will announce more features and exclusives for Pikachu.

Courtesy of Pokemon
Courtesy of Pokemon

As a matter of fact, it was stated by Pokemon’s Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith that there are plans that have not been spoken about yet. Smith said there’s lots of stuff planned for the 2016 year, but nothing they can talk about now. This should lead everyone who is already ecstatic about this news to be even more psyched because there is reason to believe that Pokemon will deliver more about their Pikachu than already stated.

The Partnership is As Huge As the Announcement

As mentioned earlier, this is absolutely huge for both companies to forge a partnership because this could lead to more Pokemon characters being introduced to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear is already a very popular company for kids, but this could lead them to reach out to an older generation. Kids of the 1990’s may have interest to make one of their favorite childhood characters. There is no jumping around the fact that this is a huge deal!

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