AuraVisor Brings the First Wire-Free VR Computer

Courtesy of AuraVision

A team out of England has created the AuraVisor, the first VR headset with a built in computer to bring wire-free virtual reality experiences to everyone around. No need to connect the headset to your own computer or your phone, just strap this headset in, turn it on, download some apps and games and get going.

The AuraVisor is the first head mounted computer headset, and it comes with Android OS. The device can be used straight from the box and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set up. It ships with a remote controller for navigation, and the set comes with enabled WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 that provides easy access to a wide array of controllers, sticks, yokes and audio headsets.

What Makes AuraVisor the Best VR Headset Yet

The AuraVisor has already been fully beta tested and it’s ready for production. Its built in lithium ion battery allows for 5 uninterrupted hours of gameplay, and it’s compatible with a vast selection of content via the VR Store. It’s also compatible with Google Play Store’s VR games and apps, as well as game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine and Cryengine. This headset can even connect to Netflix and YouTube, bringing 2D content to 3D, no wiring required.

Courtesy of AuraVision
Courtesy of AuraVision

This new technology supports 4K Ultra HD video at 60fps, as well as HEVC code and HDMI 2.0. It’s 5″ backlit screen delivers full 1080p HD video. It has a 100 degree field of vision and can upscale all images to 3D.

AuraVisor Allows for Extra Storage and Customizable Headsets

Unlike other VR headsets, the Aura Visor has a microSD port to allow for extra storage of up to 64GB. Its optical lenses are adjustable as well as their depth of field, allowing for glass-free use by the visually impaired. Their detachable face plates can be changed for child use as well.

Its audio is delivered via line out or Bluetooth, which provides users with full spatial awareness, and the device itself only weighs 1.05lbs.

AuraVisor is set to Sell and Ship Everywhere

This incredibly powerful invention would be ready to hit the market in a mere 9 months if its campaign gets funded, and when it does, it will change the way virtual reality is seen today. No longer will headsets be tied to problems of compatibility or of limited space, and it may kickstart an entire slew of new VR reality compatible content.

The AuraVisor is estimated to sell for about $200.

For more information and to support their cause, visit their website.

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