Coolest High Tech Halloween Costumes

Trying to win a costume contest this year or just impress your friends? These high tech looks take a little more effort than your average costume but will definitely be a huge hit and conversation starter.

1. Ghostbusters Costume with ghostbusters proton pack

With the new Ghostbusters movie coming out this summer, this one is super relevant. Build your own proton pack with lasers, blinking lights, and a ghost trap. Check out this page for details on how to make one of your own. Caution: You may be able to bust actual ghosts on Halloween!

Courtesy of depotdevoid (
Courtesy of depotdevoid (

2. Glow in the Dark Jellyfish

I’m always a fan of animal costumes, and this is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen! This would be a great hit if you’re planning on going to a Halloween dance party, (since it glows and moves easily) and is one of the easiest on this list. Just take a regular bowl from the grocery store, and use a glue gun to attach as many kids LED lights as you need to it.

3. Cyborg Gas Mask

On his blog page the costumer describes this as “a cyberpunk costume”. To recreate it, you’d need metal ski glasses, a leather jacket, and of course a creepy LED respirator. Add some metalic body paint or artificial looking limbs made out of cardboard to elevate the look.

Cyber girl - clapway4. LED costume with light up leggings

This is a great idea for a night sky costume with pinprick glows sticking out everywhere. Wear an all-black outfit and add these led lights to your leggings and your entire body. They are delicate, beautiful, and are very reminiscent to a sky full of stars. Instructions on how to make them are here.

leggins - clapway5. Trapped Scuba Diver

The trapped scuba diver costume is a great talking piece but unfortunately is not homemade. It will only set you back $60 though, which is not bad for such an interesting headpiece. It uses your iPhone for the trapped divers face so it’s constantly animated. You can find it on
Courtesy of

6. Fiber Optic Fairy Wings

For this costume, the fairy wings are store bought but the rest will take some crafting. An LED circuit and a hidden battery pack are added to the wings of your choice for a glow in the dark, fairytale look.  You can find instructions here.

costumes - clapway
Courtesy of the_gella (
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