Buyable Pins will Make Pinterest More Competitive

Buyable Pins

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins, previously only available for iPhone, have just come to Android. This tool turns Pinterest into an online shopping platform, incorporating a buy button onto all posts for suppliers to submit products and customers pin and purchase them.

Pinterest users can put in their credit card info and address and purchase any posts with the buy button, which is placed under the Rich Pins feature with more information, and the product can be delivered directly to their door just by the tap of a button.

Buyable Pins

In addition to Buyable Pins, Pinterest is also rolling out the Pinterest Shop, a collection of trending products that users can buy under categories like sweaters, shirts, leather leggings and blanket scarves. It follows the app’s trends and further entices users to follow them and hopefully buy a few things.

Buyable Pins will also make Pinterest more competitive against monsters like Amazon and Etsy, though with a different approach. Amazon tackles a more general audience, and Etsy is a bit narrower, but Pinterest is even smaller still. Pinterest currently ranks #21 on the App Store Top Charts, coincidentally right ahead of the Amazon apps, and this development will only make it go ahead in the mobile shop app game.