Google’s AI Can Now Write Emails for You

Google - Clapway

Google will release a Smart Reply Tool later this week that allows Google’s Artificial Intelligence to become your personal scribe and write your emails for you. What’s more, it can even respond to your messages by reading e-mails, understanding them, and then generating an appropriate response. The software behind it, courtesy of Google researchers, developed Smart Reply to become an assistant of sorts, and it’s made to save time for people reading through their inbox when dictation or typing isn’t viable.

Google reply - Clapway

Google is surely ahead in artificial intelligence software, as it is clearly revealed by this development. It’s been making headway against Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, whose AI’s are still in very primitive stages, while Google has been working on improving Google Translate and getting better facial recognition on its photo products.

Smart Reply can not only read and understand and even respond to your emails; it will give you three options for you to choose. You can pick whichever is most appropriate, and in case the tool misses a step or misunderstand a certain combination of words. This game-changing development is sure to inspire a thirst for programming knowledge in many, so as to not fall behind in this increasingly technology reliant society.