Microsoft Unveils New Dashboard For Xbox One

Microsoft is set to make a few important changes with their Xbox One with their new dashboard overhaul that is set to be released, according to Microsoft, on November 12th. This new dashboard will make some major changes in the way gamers interact within the console and also will add an awesome new feature.


This new update on the Xbox One will completely overhaul the previous user interface and implement an entirely new one with a more attractive appeal. One of the biggest changes is the focus on vertical scrolling with the users being able to make better use of the display than ever before. This will also allow the developers to engage their users using the additional content Microsoft added to their dashboard. However, probably the biggest and best thing Microsoft did was to add backwards compatibility to their Xbox One. Basically what this means is that now Xbox 360 games can be played on the Xbox One. This was one of the big things missing from the Xbox One during its launch in 2013. This will allow users to enjoy all of their favorite Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. This is a simple feature added, but it is also one of the best features a video game console can have. It has also been reported that Microsoft has tweaked the Xbox One online store to make it more user friendly.

This is an absolutely huge deal for both Microsoft and their Xbox One users. Many people that I have talked to in the past have complained about the Xbox One’s lack of compatibly with Xbox 360 games and Xbox One’s sub par dashboard. I am sure Microsoft has heard all of these complaints by all of their users and they decided to do something about it. Hopefully this new dashboard will indeed improve the experience of playing on the Xbox One. Time will only tell, but the fact that Microsoft has decided to implement this new dashboard is a huge plus. As I mentioned earlier, the backwards compatibility is the big one here because it makes it more convenient for gamers to play games on just one system. The Xbox One has taken a step in the right direction with this new dashboard announced.