Starbucks for the Deaf is Now a Reality

Starbucks - Clapway

A deaf Starbucks customer in Florida experiences the company’s new technology that allows her to communicate through video and sign language to get her favorite coffee. The video showing technology that allows for full service of Starbucks for the deaf has since then exploded on the internet, showing how far the company is willing to go to cater to all of its customers.

Starbucks - Clapway

The Starbucks for the deaf was introduced to the state’s drive-thus on Monday, and Starbucks hopes to bring the service to at least all its drive-thrus, if not all of their establishments. The video of the encounter reached 8 million views overnight. This kind of awareness spreads quickly, and Rebecca King, 28-years old, is more than happy to share her happy experience with the rest of the world.

As technology grows and develops, establishments and big service companies will slowly be able to cater to the disabled community, the hearing impaired and the visually impaired. Starbucks for the deaf has become a reality, and in a similar manner, Facebook has kickstarted a wealth of buzz from its AI’s latest developments, which enables the visually impaired to use the platform without a problem. It’s only a matter of time before other corporations of the same tier start doing the same. This is all in an effort not only to spread their platforms across more people but also to raise social awareness.