5 Alarm Clocks that Make Waking Up Fun

Alarm - Clapway

Newsflash: Smartphones aren’t the best alarm clocks! They have boring, repetitive ringtones, sometimes don’t go off at all, and can easily be set for PM instead of AM.  If you are a super heavy sleeper or want an awesome, aesthetically pleasing alarm clock that multitasks, check out our top 5 below.

The alarm clock that lets you beat it up

I’ll confess, I have anger issues in the morning but would not advise anyone to punch their iPhone (although I’ve considered it). The Smash Alarm Clock allows you to take out that 6 am aggression when you really, really don’t want to get out of bed. Unfortunately, this is currently only a concept from designer Matthias Lange but we hope it makes it to the shelves soon!

The alarm clock that tests your IQ

If you’re a big fan of trivia night (but can never answer any of  the questions), this is the alarm clock for you. The IQ alarm clock does not have a snooze button, so to turn it off you have to answer a series of questions. if your brain just isn’t quite awake yet in the morning, the difficulty and number of questions are adjustable.

The alarm clock that helps you save money

The only way to hit snooze on the Banclock alarm clock is to insert a coin. You can get that extra 5 minutes and save an extra 5 cents at the same time. I hit the snooze button at least twice every morning but if you don’t feel like spending all your change on your alarm, then you have to wake up!

Alarm - Clapway

The alarm clock that forces you to stand up

I think the hardest part of waking up in the morning is that first step out of bed! After that, I’m usually good to go. The Sfera radio alarm clock is beautifully designed and hangs above your head while you sleep. All it takes is a tap to snooze, however every time you snooze it gets closer and closer to the ceiling. Therefore eventually, you’ll have to stand up (or possibly jump) to turn it off! Unfortunately, this one is still in the design stages as well.

The alarm clock that brews your coffee

This one is still in the process of being developed but you can sign up here to be notified when it is available. This simple, minimalist coffee maker will brew coffee as it wakes you up. Bonus: There’s even a cooled slot for milk and storage for sugar and extra grounds so all you have to do is roll over to get your morning java fix.

Haley Paskalides is a writer and editor navigating her twenty-somethings in Brooklyn, NY. She currently works as an editor at a medical publisher in Manhattan. In her spare time, she enjoys running, exploring the city, and reading everything.