Ford Focus RS is the Fastest Focus Yet

5. Ford - Clapway

The new Ford Focus RS is the fastest Ford yet, springing to 100kph in 4.7 seconds, and with a price tag under $50,000, it makes for quite the affordable racing machine. The car even comes with separate RS winter alloy wheels and winter tires. It has only one upgrade option, a Nitrous Blue Quad Coat paint that comes at a $995 premium.

5. Ford - Clapway

Ford Focus RS Brings Amazing Speed at An Amazing Price

The 2016 Ford Focus RS Has a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine and Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive. The engine tolls 350 horsepower and a 350 pounds per foot torque. The Ford Focus RS is built only with a six-speed standard transmission with an added bonus: a feature called launch control. Once selected, the car optimizes performance by delivering maximum torque to all wheels.

Ford Focus RS to Hit Dealerships in 2020

The Ford Focus RS was just presented at a special Ford event in Cologne, Germany, where it was initially built. The vehicle is bound to deliver great performance with top of the line technology, at a price that puts it in a very competitive place. Luxury cars with these kinds of specs have a starting price of about $130,000, but the Ford Focus RS is sure to prove that the price tag doesn’t make for the better car. The Ford Focus RS is scheduled to be available globally as of 2020.