Astronomers Spot Most Distant Object

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Astronomers have spotted the most distant object to our planet. The rock is 103 times further from the Sun as the Earth, and it has probably been orbiting for thousands of years completely untouched. This rock lies even beyond the Kuiper Belt, sitting on the edge of the Oort Cloud.

The Most Distant Object Known Could Bring Answers About the Universe

This new rock constitutes the most distant object from us and a galaxy that has never been seen before, and progressive studies show that it has been making a steady trip closer to the Sun. There’s not enough data to verify how it gets around the solar system. If it doesn’t continue to move into the solar system, it’ll be the most distant object known history has seen.

Nasa - galaxy

New Horizons Might Get a New Mission Down the Line to Explore the Most Distant Object

The most distant object known could tell us secrets about the earlier universe, since its position in the universe may have changed little or not at all. Scientists and astronomers will continue to monitor the position and movement of this rock in hopes of finding some answers on how the universe may have looked 4.5 billion years ago. We could even see the day when a space probe is sent in its direction. The New Horizons could even be deployed to explore the most distant object known.