Crew Cut Highlights Best GTA Crews

GTA - Clapway

Rockstar Games has released the latest Crew Cut highlights, where they discuss the trendiest crews and their exploits. They make special mention of outstanding grassroots community activity, events, accomplishments across the Social Club Crew scene.

The Crew Cut works through a series of submissions of gamers that find some part of their gameplay worth recognizing, and every edition, the Crew Cut mention their own picks. Gamers looking to get their own exploits examined and possibly published in an edition of Crew Cut can submit to their addresses.

The Crew Cut Recognizes REBL PC, Ivaneh and Six Star Street Racers

The REBL PC Crew submitted a video to Crew Cut Highlights to display their skills with the Machete and Machine Piston. The same was done by the Ivaneh crew and Six Star Street Racers Crews. Their footage is filled with color, style and force, with bouncing rides and popped hoods, making full use of the Lowrider benefits.

Other crews recognizes by Crew Cut were Anonamix and his crew, The Traffickers, cruising the streets of Los Santos in Lowriders. The Lowly Gentlemen also received a special mention.

Crew Cut Highlights the Los Demonios Crew

Since the Rockstar Editor was added to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTA V and as part of the Freemode Events Update, Crew Cut has received a slew of console-based directors submitting high quality recruitment videos. Los Demonios MC have been of the most notable, after first being recognized by Crew Cut in September. Their content, according to Crew Cut, has rather a flair for the dramatic and it brings a freshness to traditional Motorcycle Clubs.

Sky Children IRL Skydiver Crew Featured on Crew Cut

Crew Cut made special mention of the Sky Children IRL Skydiver Crew, which very much honors its name. The 400+ member crew includes around 50 real-life skydivers, and the content submitted to Crew Cut brings a fusion to GTA gameplay and real life thrills.

The Crew, which consists of many IRL friends that got to know each other through their plays and formed friendships, showed drops from Los Santos and Blaine County and juxtaposed them against Florida, France, New Zealand and Australia

Crew Cut was especially recognized the crew’s leader, EpicLeftz, who was recently granted qualification to jump without a licensed tandem skydiving partner.

Crew Cut Adds Update on Death Dealers Tournament

As a closing mention, Crew Cut gave gamers an update on Crew vs. Crew Tournament, which features 23 Free Aim specialist Crews sparring 5-against-5. GoonieMafia is currently leading with a 1.68 K/D and 183 kills.